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Cabo Verde


Sal is the island of surfers. Its stunning white beaches and wild ocean waves are popular with surfers. as boa vista it is a very touristic island that offers breathtaking views and paradisiacal beaches.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista is probably the most evocative island of the Archipelago. Its white sand dunes in contrast with the lunar landscapes of the interior of the island make Boa Vista a unique place in the world. The island is also a place of interest for its population of sea turtles that nest on its shores and a small population of humpback whales that reproduce in its sea.


Maio is a very special place. It is a small island two hours by boat from Santiago. it is a quiet island, not very touristy but its landscapes have nothing to envy to the better known Sal and Boa Vista. Maio is famous for its crystal clear sea, much loved by fishing and snorkelling enthusiasts.


The island of Fogo is a barren and wild place whose landscape devoid of vegetation is very suggestive for its lunar landscapes. It is characterized by its active volcano. The main attraction of the island is the trek to reach the summit of the volcano from which the crater can be seen.

Sao Vincente

Sao Vicente is the richest island in culture and tradition. Famous for its carnival, the Baia das Gatas Festival and the Theater festival which takes place in September. Its capital is Mindelo, the second largest city in the archipelago by population
Capital Residence - Monte Babosa - Praia, Santiago - Cabo Verde
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